Enabling change with data

We bridge the digital divide for local businesses.
We empower them with insight.

Who we are

We believe in local businesses. The independently owned mom and pop shops that make the backbone of our communities. Think of the local diner, bakery, pizzeria. The deli where you can always get a great sandwich. Those hard working entrepreneurs are our most valuable customers. 

Our founding team is a wife and husband partnership that met at a failed startup in 2008. Chris has extensive background as an architect who has built scalable systems for the enterprise. Aileen is a content specialist whose entire career has focused on breaking down silos of information and communication. 

What we do

We help main street to stay vital by leveling the playing field of accessible information for businesses. We do the hard work of collecting information from disparate sources, and then targeting the right information, at the right time, to the right business owners. 

We empathize with the frustration shopkeepers feel not knowing what information is available to them, or where to find it, and then the layered challenge of having to dig through many resources to find something relevant to a specific business. 

We created a mobile platform for shopkeepers, Mind My Business™. It's seamless and simple to use. 

Why we do it

Main Street is home to us. We are strong supporters of local businesses. We see an opportunity to do more, because a lot of the information that is being pushed out in open data sets is useful to businesses. It's just not easily accessible for them. We believe in enabling change, and we created our tool based on the stories shopkeepers shared with us. 

We want to put our Mind My Business tool in the hands of shopkeepers nationwide. 

The team behind Vizalytics


Aileen Gemma Smith


Chris Smith

Lead UX

Cody Sanfilippo

The team behind Vizalytics

Content janitor who gets stuff done. Aileen constantly asks, "Why?" and "How come?" Founder and CEO. 

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Chris Smith

Chief builder of stuff that works. Chris is a relentless problem solver. Co founder and CTO

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Lead UX

Cody Sanfilippo

Design and UX Lead. Cody translates ideas into interactions, and focuses on making things simple. 

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Head Storyteller

Rachel Wong

As head storyteller, Rachel brings the stories of shopkeepers using MindMyBusiness to life. She's full of practical suggestions on making business better. 

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Community Support Lead

James Rogers

"Talk to me" as community support lead, James engages with our customers to make sure they is always a friendly voice there to help with questions. 

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