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Who We Are

Vizalytics Technology is a data company. We use open government data to provide on-the-go insight for local businesses, residents and government agencies. We continuously ingest dozens of data sets at the city, state and federal level to create our knowledge graph. The graph is multidimensional and updates in real time. Different users access different lenses on the graph. For local shopkeepers we have Mind My Business™, a mobile app. For residents, we have For government clients, we have Local Insight, a desktop dashboard. We love the complexity of the problems we deal with, from normalization issues, to what’s not in the data, to making it useful for different audiences.

What we do

We believe in the power of data to make a difference. Many main street business owners have been pressed to find time to invest in researching information pertinent to their business. We want to help these businesses have quicker access to information that has an economic impact. Much of the information that is being pushed out in open data sets is useful to businesses; It’s just not easily accessible for them. We see an opportunity to do more. Our users, our shopkeepers, thank us for giving them a heads up to what they didn’t know was possible to know. We put the information in the palm of their hands, without any effort on their part.

Our Products

Local Insight for Governments and Public Organizations

Local Insight is an enterprise-level dashboard that aggregates relevant information from multiple sources of governmental and public data, generating valuable insights. The Local Insight Dashboard provides governments and organizations with a multi-layered birds-eye view of everything that is happening in specific geographical locations.

A Local Insight Dashboard for a popular chain restaurant with personalized maps, charts and insights that are relevant to every franchise within the chain's network.

A view for a local government which aggregates all business activity across an entire neighborhood within their district.


We see tremendous opportunity in open government data to make a difference in the lives of NY residents and businesses. Our proprietary technology makes open data useful for everyone. Vizalytics Technology is honored to partner with the Mayor's office of Technology and Innovation on this work for

See Press ReleaseSee Video is a private/public partnership with the Mayor's Office of Tech + Innovation 

Mind My Business™ for Small Businesses

Mind My Business™ is a mobile app for shopkeepers. We do the heavy lifting collecting information from disparate government and public data sources and compiling it into relevant, focused insights for our users. The app seamlessly sends every shopkeeper customized notifications to help them make more informed decisions, saving them time and money. Mind My Business has more than 1,000 users in NYC and will be launching in Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco by the end of 2015.

Mind My Business™ won Best Mobile App at BigApps NYC 2014.

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Why We Do It

We believe in the power of data to make a difference. The devastation of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 crippled several communities, affecting nearly 100,000 small businesses in NYC alone. We immediately saw a need for easier access to critical city-wide information and wanted to do something about it. Much of the information that is being pushed out in open data sets is useful to businesses, organizations, and governments alike; it is just not very accessible. We wanted to change that by building an ecosystem of data that puts the most relevant and actionable information in the palms of our users' hands when it matters most. 

Meet our Team


Aileen Gemma Smith

Aileen is a content specialist whose entire career has focused on breaking down silos of information and communication.


Chris Smith

Chris is an expert in semantic web technologies, search and enterprise scale architecture. He has more than 25 years experience and has been leading technology at startups since the late '90s.


Jo Imbriani

Jo is a seasoned operations professional whose career has focused on making processes scalable and building strong engineering teams. She comes to us from Amazon Robotics where she was integral in the post acquisition integration work of Kiva Systems.

Content Lead

Cindy Nicklin

Cindy is a digital librarian who makes connections between information and the people who need it.

Lead User experience

Cody Sanfilippo

Cody is focused on creating simple and beautiful experiences for a wide range of users & markets.

Marketing Guru

Lissa Regets

Lissa is a strategic marketing specialist who enjoys crafting extraordinary customer experiences through media.

Data Scientist

Anh Vu Nguyen

Vu is our data science specialist, he's responsible for wrangling and clean up.

UX Designer

Dipesh KC

Dipesh is our UX specialist and designs marketing materials and UX for pilot clients.


The team behind Vizalytics

Content janitor who gets stuff done. Aileen constantly asks, "Why?" and "How come?" Founder and CEO. 

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Chris Smith

Chief builder of stuff that works. Chris is a relentless problem solver. Co founder and CTO

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Lead UX

Cody Sanfilippo

Design and UX Lead. Cody translates ideas into interactions, and focuses on making things simple. 

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Head Storyteller

Rachel Wong

As head storyteller, Rachel brings the stories of shopkeepers using MindMyBusiness to life. She's full of practical suggestions on making business better. 

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Community Support Lead

James Rogers

"Talk to me" as community support lead, James engages with our customers to make sure they is always a friendly voice there to help with questions. 

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